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Other Paid Services for your existing Free website !! (optional)

If you like the Free website that we already built for you and only after you have witnessed our work that we provided you absolutely FREE, only then you should further opt for the following services as you like.

This is to ensure that you don't blindly opt for a paid service. We want you to first feel happy, satisfied and comfortable with what we have already provided you for free and then apply for any paid service that can bring extra value to your existing Free website.

Below charges apply when individual services are requested  independent of each other:

A) No ads for your existing Free sub-domain website = 5$/month 

[payment required every month till you inform us that you no longer want to use your site]

It will cost you only 5$ per month to remove ads from your existing Free sub-domain website, except for the phrase 'Make a free website with Yola' that remains at the bottom of webpages and cannot be removed.

B) You will have Full access and control of your finished Free website = 399.99$ 

[only one time payment after which you will own and be able to edit your website on your own and we will have no authority to edit it anymore. If you make this payment then you don't need to pay for A) above, as after you get the edit access, you will be able to remove those ads by your own]

C) Brief walkthrough and handover of your finished existing Free sub-domain website (a one time session of approximate 1-2 hrs) = 50$

[its a one time payment and you might opt for this only if you go for B) above]

Note: If you have at least a basic understanding of computers and internet and love reading and trying things on your own then we suggest you to learn by your own using Yola's exhaustive Tutorial found in and can skip taking our "Brief walkthrough and handover session"

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to make the payment by clicking on the 'Add to Cart' button and send us an email at to inform us with your existing Free website name for which you are making the above A), B) & C) payments.

D) If you need other services that we have not covered above, for instance to own a custom domain then we recommend you to other providers and their links as below. Hope it helps your business.  Good luck !

A) Free sub-domain website with no ads

$ 5 USD



Free sub-domain website with no ads = $5 per month


B) Full access & control of Free website

$ 399.99 USD


One time payment provides you Full access and control of your finished Free website = $399.99



C) Walkthrough & handover of Free sub-domain website

$ 50 USD


One time payment for brief walkthrough and handover of your exisiting Free sub-domain website = $50

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