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Free website for every small business !!

~> Do you create free websites for any kind of business ?

Answer: Yes, we create free websites at no cost for literally any businesses including personal sites. 

Our main focus is to build small & simple websites and keep it short & sweet. Our service is focused on small, local businesses and could be of huge benefit for specially those who are tight financially and need an online presence with ZERO investment.

We don't build websites for any purposes that are illegal, unlawful and pertaining to adult contents.

~> Why is it free ?


No:1) We love building websites and contributing to our local communities. Clubbed together has brought us to this movement.

No: 2) We are fully aware that there are many small local businesses who so desperately want to have an online presence just like any other big businesses however they either don't have the skills or have the finances to get there. With our expertise and IT skills, we can pave the path for them to succeed online.

No: 3) We are supporters of shopping small and local. It takes quite an effort & hard work to help local businesses conscious of the benefits of having their business online. However the results are very rewarding because consecutively this permits consumers to be more local savvy and boosts spending locally, thus bringing the profits back to the community.

~> How do you manage your expenses ?

Answer: Majority of our work is volunteer work (around > 99.99%) and we have few ad displays that help to cover a negligible part of expense.

You can donate if you want by clicking on the "Donate" button in the 'Contact us' Page above. We pledge to donate 50% of your donation to non-profit organizations.

~> I am very happy with the free website that you have built free for me; its being some time the website had been created and is online, now I need few items to be updated in it, how much will it cost me ?

Answer: Please send us email, our team will evaluate your request of changes, depending on the evaluation result, the updates to be made in your website will be performed. Usually its done for free.

E) Why my free website is with a sub-domain ? Can I have a domain ?

Answer: As we create free websites without charging anything for our effort, time and expertise to build websites, so we have to use free subdomains by leading providers in the industry. 

Yes, you can have a domain, we don't provide that service, however we have recommendations of other providers for you here (read the last point D in this link).

~> I need a free website without ads, how much will be the cost ?

Answer:  We basically build free sub-domain websites with minimal standard non-intrusive Google ads in it, however we can as well remove ads from your existing free website that we have already built for you. Please click here for details.

~> Will I be able to manage (edit, add, delete) content and web pages myself after my website is created ?

Answer: Basically, we manage it for you and perform all the future updates required to your free website. Only we have the access and control to edit, add or delete items from the free website.

However we do have the option for our customers who have some fundamental computer knowledge and would  want to be able to manage their websites on their own. Please click here for details.

~> Why I should or should not apply for a Free website from you ?

Answer: Everyone has their own way of thinking and doing things. One individual's choice might differ from others. We have listed below points that we hope will help you decide whether you would want to apply for a Free website or not.

1) As a small business or start up when one is not sure whether the business will hit or not and when the budget is tight; many of them choose to opt for services that is offered free, so that they can focus their finances on the higher priority needs and still have an online presence absolutely free.

2) We take care of free website building, designing, publishing, hosting, maintenance including adding of content and images, upload of new updates, at times even content writing and corrections etc for Free. We build websites for both small business and personal need.

3) The free website that we build for you will be a sub-domain site meaning ending with '' instead of '.com',, however your free website is definitely a website in itself and works as good as any other websites.

4) There are minimal ads, usually 3-5 in a page of the free website. They are non-intrusive and standard Google ads that you would normally see in any leading, renowned and user friendly websites. The ads are automatically displayed based on the content of your website and compliments the look and topic of the website. 

In fact some of the small business clients would request to have such ads in their websites because they display information that relate to their business and website content,  many a times these ads bring in credibility to the site and a general notion to the end user/customer that the business is in good stance and well established to be able to and in a position to display quality ads. Because of stringent criteria, not every business gets the approval to display Google ads, similar to the ones displayed in the free websites that we build. 

Please click here if you are interested to know about our ads-free services.

5) As part of our free website service, we don't offer edit access and control to our customers to edit their website, however if you are interested to learn about gaining this edit access and control then please click here.

6) We provide absolutely free website building services, so we do have our limitations like for eg: we don't offer exclusive Online store function with the capability to buy and sell things at a large scale, however we can help with work arounds like building an Order form for customers to fill and submit to the small business owner etc. 

Some of our limitations could be considered very minor for a small business in comparison to the array of more important services that we provide for free. Please check our other non-Free services here.

7) Last but not least, there is no provider who can provide the services that we provide for Free. Our free services including our time, effort, expertise, skills etc is exceptional. 

There will be providers who will either do it for quite a price or provide you free templates to work on, but they would not build, design, publish and maintain your websites for free. If you find any then please do let us know.

~> I have quite a big business & will need a complex website with many pages & functions, can you build for me ?

Answer: If you really need a very complex huge website then we recommend to opt for paid providers that can build your website because they will have the right resources & skills to get it built for you. We strongly recommend as they provide excellent services.

Our scope of work is mostly around 1-3 pages of small web site creation as we have limited no: of volunteers. You can get an idea by visiting the web sites that we have built until now under 'Our Clients' Page above.

~> How are my personal information protected ?

Answer: We neither collect/share nor distribute your personal information to any third parties. All the information that you send us by default will be considered non-personal & non-confidential; if you believe it to be personal & confidential then please do not send to us. Please refer to our 'Terms of service' Page above.

~> I am very satisfied & glad that I had the privilege to leverage your services, how can I thank you guys ?

Answer: You are most welcome to write us 'Testimonials' and send to us, we will review and then post it in our  'Testimonials' Page.

Also you might want to donate by clicking on the "Donate" button in the 'Contact us' Page above. We pledge to in turn donate 50% of your donation to non-profit organizations.

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