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    We help local businesses succeed online by empowering them with 

                                            Free Websites !!  

Every country’s economy lies in its small and local companies. For every 100% spent in a locally-owned store, nearly 70% of it goes back to the community via taxes, payroll and other spending. 

Our mission is to encourage small, local businesses to establish their brand image by helping them create an online presence and empowering them with free websites.

These free websites will increase consumer awareness of the local business' existence and encourage them to shop locally to support their communities.

Local businesses can make use of their free websites in social media and local advertising to drive traffic and sales to their business.  

If you are a small business with no website yet then you are entitled for a free website which will be built for absolutely free !!  We have made the process very simple and hassle free. 

You just need to submit the information that you want to be displayed in your website in the 'Request form' and we will do the rest.

Whether you need one for yourself (i.e to display your work/profile etc) or for your local business; a free website will be built for you at no cost !!

You don't need to worry if you don't have the IT knowledge or even the slightest basic skills to build websites on your own because now we can do everything for you, including:

-> creating free website for you that is professional and directs new customers for your business.

-> placing content & images of your choice on your free website

-> designing & publishing your website.

See & experience yourself to believe it. Check out 'Clients and Reviews' & 'How does it work' pages to get a feel of the work we have done and the process to get started with what we offer. 

We recommend you to go through the FAQ to further understand the details of our services before you apply. 

You got everything to gain & nothing to lose. Fill the 'Request form' for your free website now !!

**We build free websites for personal need also


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